Can a fiber composite be sustainable?

At first glance, one would like to say, no it can’t. But on closer inspection, you realise that thermoplastics are the green alternative to aluminium.

Our machines and automation lines are all energy-optimised. Wherever possible, we use recycled carbon fibres and work with environmentally friendly lacquers.

The CO² emissions from the production of thermoplastics and glass fibres are reduced by over 80% compared to aluminium. This is mainly due to the fact that the production of aluminium is extremely energy-intensive and - as far as the bicycle market is concerned - takes place almost exclusively in Asia. In addition, in many Asian countries energy production is largely based on fossil fuels, which further worsens the CO² balance of aluminium.

With the WIT technology's mass back-pressing process, no plastic waste is produced during the production of the plastic parts.

At the end of their life, the bicycle components can be shredded and the material be reused for B-goods. Compared to duromers, the processing of the polymer plastics causes lower emissions and they are characterised by better recyclability.

We put a lot of emphasis on reliable supply chains. This is why we source our basic materials exclusively in Europe. In addition, our products are all manufactured in Germany, so short distances are guaranteed.

We distinguishe ourselve by the fact that we can guarantee 100% traceability for every single part we produce. This means that we can tell you at any time from which material and from which supplier a part was produced, and can thus feed it into an optimal recycling process.

Sustainability in the Albert Weber business world

ALBERT WEBER stands not only for quality and innovation, but also for responsibility and reliability. The vision "Creating Sustainable Impact" describes our drive to shape the future of mobility and energy with a great deal of know-how and new technologies.

"Creating Sustainable Impact" - For us this means to really change things by means of a a comprehensive sustainable approach - honestly, fairly and thought ahead.